Handling inbound interest

Our recruitment posts are designed to harbour inbound interest in our unit.

All members of the unit act as representatives of our group to interested parties who might join our Teamspeak. Everyone should act in a respectful and informative manner. Remember at all times that not everyone is looking for our group and that units are not one size fits all - If a recruit expresses a discontent with the way we operate then accept it in an understanding way and suggest possible other units that might work for that player.

It is only right that we start our relationship with our members with honesty and respect - rather than making false promises and ludicrous compromises.

Handling Steam Interest

Members working on our steam presence should actively look for members who fit the persona that might work with our group. You should post a short description of our group and add the interested party to your friends list.

Attempt to talk to them and see if they might have an interest in joining our group. If you are finding it hard to fill out conversations - remember our core value propositions and weave that into your own experiences - it is best to provide genuine thoughts rather than 1 dimensional blabber.

Handling Reddit Interest

Reply in the comments and ask them to join Teamspeak ( also provide your name and explain they can talk to any unit member ) so they can learn more about the unit and eventually fill out an enlistment.

Happy Recruiting!