Our Value Proposition

The 1st RRF is at it’s core a brand and as a brand we need to all be aligned as to what is important to us and what defines us.

Each group has unique traits and we are not trying to recruit everyone in the ARMA verse - we are trying to recruit candidates who are looking for our brand of Simulation. If they don’t agree with it they will not fit and they will likely not stay.


What is the 1st RRF?

The 1st RRF is a Military Simulation Group that focuses on environmental and tactical realism. We do not consider ourselves to be Hardcore as we do not enforce First Person and do use tools to assist us in performing the tactics and movements we wish to simulate.

As such we view our role as more focused on the quality of our tactics, communications and overall simulation such as weapon ballistic calculations, tactical movement, dealing with terrain interferance on comms and so forth rather than enforcing First Person person and no UI.

Strong Foundations

As a Unit we have taken eight months to design and build what we believe is a perfect unit. Our founders have three years of experience in creating and managing MILSIM units and have built units with over 170 active personnel.

We disbanded our previous unit so that we could work without distraction on creating an Simulation unit that would accomplish a high level of simulation without feeling like a second job with a group of like minded individuals.

Whilst building the unit we made a lot of carefully considered choices that grant us a unique stability and gameplay which is fun and accessible but also extremely dedicated to an authentic milsim environment.

Our senior leadership element has consistently been together for years and has proven itself to be stable and reliable. Combining all these factor means that our unit is an ideal place to build a base in MILSIM without it disappearing because of a unit collapse.

Unique Deployments

The 1st Rapid Response Force uses a unique deployment system that is not shared with any other Simulation group.

Deployments are 5 week long gameplay rotations in a highly simulated battle space run by our talented team of 57As. A deployment involves one week of training, followed by three weeks of action and one week of cool off time where members are free to do anything they want including be absent from all unit activities.

These cycles allow us to provide members with the exact times they would be required to play weeks in advance and reduce the number of absent on the day players.

Our deployment environments are fully persistent and elements from around the globe will be deployed at different times, sometimes simultaenously, to perform actions. A recon element might be patrolling a sector in the west whilst a full Air Assault operation is performed in the East.

All of this action is controlled from our Tactical Operations Center staffed by trained personnel who use systems including an in game simulation of Windows as well as drone and satelite feeds to monitor and relay information through the battle space. Our officers are not aware of the mission and will use the information fed back to generate strategy across the theatre meaning that players get a genuine, dynamic deployment experience as opposed to the pre planned contact some other groups use.

Rigourous Training

The 1st RRF has over 35 training programs spread across 4 different disciplines allowing members to receive consistent and practical training for the discipline that interests them.

Our Unit contains detailed training for infantry ( including Airborne, Air Assault, Amphibious, Light and Mechanized Infantry ), Aviation ( including Fixed and Rotary Wing ), Logistics and Support Roles ( including Air Traffic Control and Logistical Supply Teams ), Armour and Leadership Elements.

We have developed over 700 A4 pages of highly specialized training written by members with real life experience. Each training manual is unique in its structure and applies unqiuely to ARMA. Many other units will choose to basterdize field manuals from real world militaries leading to confusion and unapplicable tactics.

Very few simulation groups can display this level of standardization and planning and even fewer have training program which are designed to interoperate together.

Robust Structure

Our structure is designed to allow people to progress to a level of leadership that fits their ambitions whilst ensuring they are suitable and well trained for the position they hold.

The Unit is designed to have a maximum number of 160 members - we are looking to grow to that point and nothing further as we believe this is the limit that our designed structure and systems can operate succesfully at. We are not another unit looking for an infinite number of people, we are looking for motivated interested people to be a part of our journey to acomplishing our vision.

We do not follow a identical military structure ( although we do still work with a standard nine man army squad and four man fireteams ) and instead use a structure streamlined for the limitations we face due to the game environment and time differences.

We reduce the amount of duplication faced at a leadership level by merging our High Ranking NCOs with Officers to create a more appropriate environment for the scale we are trying to work at. This also helps to prevent people from being unable to reach their ambitions in the group because of a split between being a commissioned or non commissioned officer.

This unique format allows us to create a realistic and authentic environment whilst still ensuring that everyone can meet their ambitions without duplication and inefficient amounts of paperwork.

Efficient Systems

As a Unit we have developed several custom systems that allow us to operate our group with a unique level of detail.

From our online loadout editor that allows you to setup your loadout online ahead of a deployment so that you can configure your gear without the barbie dress up time common place in many groups.

We also have our unique Fusion persistence system which provides us with a 24/7 high performance game environment and an unrivalved deployment experience. Our entire playstyle is based around our unique deployment system and Fusion provides us with great technology to power it.

Finally we build and host custom modifications as well as patches to existing mods that allow us logical compatability between mods. A 5.56 mag will fire in a 5.56 gun in our Unit. No ifs, no buts; We strive to maintain accurate and realistic decision making without having immersion breaking gameplay.

Friendly and Mature Community

We pride ourselves on having an open and welcoming community. We only allow 18+ members to become uniformed members of our group but younger players may still play on our public servers and continue to learn and experience with us.

Unit dramas are a constant threat that can be extremely destabilizing to a unit but we maintain a high level of transparency and respect as well as defining our stance on all actions in our Discipline Guidelines. Our command staff cannot descriminate and we are publicly commited to equal rules for all levels of the group.

We release all of our materials and tools publicly so that we are driven to be the best not because of proprietary tools but because of our community.