Weapon and Equipment List

The intent of our equipment and weapons loadout is to allow flexibility for member choices while maintaining a realistic standardization. The following guidance provides detail on the approved infantry loadouts. Any variation not included in this guidance is unauthorized unless cleared by the chain of command, who reserve the right to add to and remove from the loadouts on a mission specific basis.


Any member with unauthorized weapons or equipment during an official event will be subject to disciplinary action.


Primary Weapons

The current standard issue rifle of the 1st RRF are M16 and M4 (not including Block II) variants associated with the RHS weapon pack. Any configuration and color is authorized. Only SLs, TLs, and GRs are authorized to carry M320/M203 variants.

The current standard issue automatic rifle of the 1st RRF is the M249 Para/Short associated with the RHS weapon pack. Any configuration or color is authorized.

All members will carry a suppressor for their primary weapon (in vest; see equipment section) that matches the rifle coloring or flat black. All primary weapons must attach at least an IR laser device, but may also carry a PEQ15/Flashlight combo if desired. If an under barrel option is available (i.e. grip pods for most rifles) and part of a US weapon pack ( e.g not russian ), then it is authorized.

Optics are member preference, but no member is authorized use of thermal optics of any kind unless cleared by the chain of command, and optics must not be long range with at most 4x zoom. Optic appearance must match the weapon appearance, or be flat black. NOTE: Some optics are not NVG compatible. The following are popular optics that are verified compatible with NVGs:

  • ELCAN Specter (Any variant)
  • EOTECH 552 with or without 3x magnifier
  • AIMPOINT T2 with or without 3x magnifier
  • VORTEX Spitfire

Secondary Weapons

The 1st RRF only uses the following side arms, in any color: M9, FN FiveSeven, SIG Sauer, FNP Tactical, Glock variants (Glock 18 is not authorized), Kimber Night Warrior, and USP.

No optics are authorized for use with side arms, but all members will carry a pistol suppressor (in vest; see equipment section) and a tactical light mounted on the rail.


The 1st RRF will deploy appropriate anti-tank weapons based on threat and environment. The chain of command will authorize use as needed. No member is authorized to carry a launcher as part of their standard loadout.



The uniform used by the 1st RRF is the VSM CRYE G3 in OCP pattern (rolled or unrolled sleeves). Members may also elect to change the color of their top as available, but pants must remain OCP pattern.

The following equipment items will be loaded into the uniform:

  • FAK (6x Field Dressing, 2 x Morphine, 2 x Tourniquets)
  • 1 x Ear plugs
  • 1 x Map Tools
  • 1 x Flashlight (Maglite XL50)
  • 1 x ACE IR Strobe
  • 1 x AN/PRC-343 Squad Radio
  • (SL ONLY) 1 x AN/PRC-152
  • 3 x Green Chemlights
  • 3 x High Orange Chemlights


The following is a list of approved vests; No members may use the “Breacher” variant and the “Gunner” variant should only be used by Autoriflemen:

  • OCP LDT Artimus (OCP or ODA OD)
  • OCP LDT6094 (OCP or ODA OD)
  • OCP Paraclete RAV OCP or ODA OD)

The following equipment items will be loaded into the vest:

  • Primary weapon suppressor
  • Secondary weapon suppressor
  • (Non-AR ONLY) 6 x primary weapon magazines (at least 2 must be red tracer for TLs and SLs) + 1 magazine in the weapon
  • (AR ONLY) 2 x 150rd box
  • 2-3 x secondary weapon magazines
  • 2 x Frag grenades
  • 2 x White smoke grenades
  • 2 x Stun grenades ( Only for Grenadier qualified individuals )
  • 1 x IR Strobe grenade (vanilla Arma version)
  • (SL, TL, GR ONLY) 4 x 40mm HE
  • (SL, TL, GR ONLY) 2 x 40mm white smoke


The following is a list of approved backpacks; they are role specific and offer the maximum carry capacity:

  • Bergen MTP Rifleman Light A-D variants (SL, TL, RM, GR)
  • Bergen MTP Rifleman Light C-D variants (AR)
  • Bergen MTP Medic Light A-B variants (Medics)
  • Bergen MTP Radio Light A-B variants (RTOs or when carrying a LR Radio)

The following equipment items will be loaded into the backpack:

  • FAK (6 x Field Dressings, 2x QuikClot, 2 x Morphine, 2 x Tourniquets, 1 Body Bag, 1x 500ml Saline IV)
  • (Non-AR ONLY) 2 x primary weapon magazines
  • (AR ONLY) 1 x 150rd box
  • (AR ONLY) 1 x Spare Barrel
  • 5-10 x Cable Ties
  • 1 x Alternate headgear (hat or helmet; see below for approved types)
  • 1 x Can, Green Spray Paint
  • 1 x Can, Red Spray Paint
  • 2 x Stun grenades
  • 1 x IR grenade (vanilla Arma version)
  • 1 x IR strobe (ACE version)
  • 2 x White smoke grenade
  • (SL, TL, GR ONLY) 2 x 40mm HE
  • (SL, TL, GR ONLY) 2 x 40mm IR flare
  • (SL, TL, GR ONLY) 2 x 40mm white flare
  • (SL, TL, GR ONLY) 2 x 40mm color smoke (see SLs for guidance)
  • (SL, TL ONLY) 1 x Blue smoke grenade
  • (SL, TL ONLY) 1 x Purple smoke grenade
  • (SL, TL ONLY) 1 x Incendiary grenade
  • (TL ONLY) 1 x M57 firing Device
  • (TL ONLY) 1 x M114 explosive charge


The approved headgear for the 1st RRF infantry in secure and garrison areas is the boonie hat or patrol cap (OCP or Multicam). The OPSCOR and OPSCOR2 in OCP, Multicam, OGA, or OGA OD variants are to be worn during training and operations.


Eyewear slot is member preference. However, the selection must not cause visual “clipping” with selected headgear/helmet, must not have designs (i.e. skulls, etc.), and must not include faddish or bright colors.

Night Vision Devices

The approved NVG for 1st RRF infantry is the GPNVG-18 in any variation in black or tan. TI models are thermal capable and not authorized.

Other Equipment

SLs and TLs are the only positions authorized carry the Vector 21 Rangefinding binoculars. All others will carry standard binoculars. Range finders will be issued as needed based on mission.

The MicroDAGR GPS unit ( terminal slot not the ACE variant ) should be carried by all members other than team and squad leaders. Team and Squad leaders should carry Android Handsets instead of the MicroDAGR.

Members may elect to carry a standard or altimeter watch.

Radio slot is not used; ACRE radios will be carried in the uniform.

All members will carry a military 1:50,000 type map of the AO and a standard compass.

Garrison Uniform

Memebers not engaged in training or operations may elect to wear the garrison uniform. It consists of prefered approved uniform, rangemaster belt with FAK load and 2 seondary magazines, prefered sidearm, and approved boonie cap/hat.