Laws of War

The 1st RRF is compliant with all military discipline treaties that the United States military is compliant with including but not limited to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, the Uniform Code of Military justice and the Hague Conventions of 1907.

Below is the complete set of legal regulations under which we operate. Any clause of the above documents that is not summarized below does not apply to our group so as to ease the level of knowledge and time given to legal compliance. Members should generally aim to comply with the highest ethical standards whilst playing and should apply good judgement to cases which are not direct violations but would obviously pose a moral or legal problem in reality.

Handling of Enemy Combatants

Accepting Surrendering Personnel

Enemy combatants who willingly surrender should not be harmed and must be provided with security and a timely evacuation as early as safe and reasonable to do so. Enemy personnel who are injured and surrender should be provided with medical attention if it is safe for the receiving element to do so.

A surrendering EPOW must be accepted as a surender. It is not acceptible to decline a surrender. If a surrendering EPOW fails to comply with instructions necessary for his safe inward processing such as continuing to move when told not to or drawing a weapon then the receiving force may take action to defend itself.

Enemy personnel who are incapacitated should be detained, processed as EPOWs and provided with aid.

The location of any EPOW must be reported in a timely manner to the Chain of Command and all EPOWs must be monitored by command to ensure their safe passage.

Humane Treatment of EPOWs

All prisoners, regardless of whether they belong to a flagged military or not, should be treated humanely. This right is universal and must not be infringed.

Humane treatment constitutes the following:

  • No Degrading or Humiliating treatment. Examples include the removal of clothing and deprivation of food or resources.
  • Protected from Violence or Intimidation
  • Shielded from insults, public curiosity or verbal degradation. In particular EPOWs should not be displayed to local populance or forces if possible to prevent later reprisal.
  • No reprisals are permitted for actions that the EPOW or his force commited prior to being detained

Physical and Mental Torture

Prisoners must not be subjected to physical or mental torture.

This includes mock executions and the deperevation of food, water or medical aid.

Equal Treatment

EPOWs must not be discriminated against based on gender, religion, ethnicity or other culture distinctions.

Affordances should be made to facilitate the religious practise of the EPOW.

Surrendering to the enemy and your rights

In the event of capture by an enemy force, members of the RRF are entitled to the same treatment as described above.

Not all hostile forces are subscribed to the international treaties that define the above rights and information will be provided by command accordingly as part of the ROE.

In the event of capture by the enemy you are only required to provide the following information:

  • Full Simulation Name
  • Rank
  • Roster Number

Do not answer any further questions outside of these three pieces of information. You are entitled to medical aid and fair treatment regardless of whether you provide further information.