Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement are the guidelines that govern the lawful employment of force by troops. ROE are often modified or updated by operation orders but we have a standardized base ROE which is often refered to as the “Universal ROE”.

The ROE can also provide updates on the situation regarding the laws of war such as if the enemy is not party to the geneva convention.

Universal Rules of Engagement

The Universal ROE is in effect unless explicitly stated otherwise.

You can always act in defence of yourself, your team mates and civilians

If the enemy is about to engage a friendly or civilian target you do not need permission to fire. You should engage the target first and then report the engagement subsequently.

You can always return fire when fired upon

If the enemy is actively engaging you or your team mates you do not need permission to fire. Ensure that you positively identify the target to prevent recipricol friendly fire incidents.

Do not engage target of opportunity without permission if you are not in imminent danger

In the event that your element has the advantage and has not been detected ask for permission before firing to prevent the element being prematurely detected.

Common Modifications to the Rules of Engagement

The following are temporary modifications to the ROE that team leaders will often employ to achieve a particular tactical result.

Weapons Hold

Weapons Hold is the most restrictive of the common modifications. It means that you are only authorized to fire if there is an imminent and specific threat to you or your team maters. If you are forced to engage you should only engage for the minimum amount neccesary to achieve fire superiority. In the event that you take ineffective enemy fire as may be seen in a hostile Recon by Fire tactic, the element should hold fire and await instruction from their team leader.

Weapons Hold is most commonly employed during advanced stealth operations where avoiding detection is critical.

Weapons Tight

Weapons Tight is the default modification and refers to the universal ROE. It will be issued to reset a previous modification action.

Weapons Free

Weapons Free means you are cleared to engage any and all hostile targets without permission. This is genuinely used when a heavy firefight is in progress and the priority is to engage a large number of enemy threats with effective fire.