Aviation Policy and Training Requirements

The 1st RRF holds aviation to high standards and requirements in order to ensure the professionalism of the aviation group.

Flight Reports Policy

After all major combat operations (scheduled), the squadron leader for each element deployed (rotary or fixed wing) will file an after action report. This is used to credit pilots and crew for participation and to allow for reflection and recognition of fellow crew and passengers.

Training Reports Policy

All members of the flight group must file weekly training reports. These reports can be filled out on the 1st Rapid Response Force website and are used to ensure all pilots are adhering to weekly training requirements.

These reports are attached to a members file for record keeping purposes.

Flight Violations Policy

Flight violations is defined as an act by pilot, crew member, or passenger which disrupts the operation of the flight or the aircraft is lost/damaged (to a point where it is no longer combat effective).

Example 1: 1st Squad is being transported from Base to an LZ, during flight several members without notifying or consulting the pilot eject from the aircraft.

Example 2: An AH-64A Apache is holding position observing an objective. During observation, the gunner accidently launches a hell-fire missile killing civilians or friendly fire.

Example 3: An aircraft is disregarding controller instructions in a controller airspace.

Example 4: An aircraft is lost, shot down, or damaged to a point where it is no longer combat effective

All of these situations would constitute as a flight violation and need to be investigated bycommand to ensure the professionalism and standards of 1st Rapid Response Force.

If a flight violation occurs, the pilot in charge of the aircraft will fill out a flight violation form, once submitted the violation will be investigated by the appropriate authority of the aviation group. If a member is responsible for multiple flight violations they will be disciplined and/or removed from the group.

Aircraft Light Policy

All aircraft are required to use lighting when the engines are operational except –

  1. instructed by air traffic controller or aviation commander
  2. conducting a night operation
  3. there may be hazards to safety

Training Requirements

1st RRF pilots are required to fly a minimum of 3 logged flight hours per week. These hours must be recorded weekly in the training report.